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Owner, Myranda Zarlengo helps small and family-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and mid-size growing companies reach their goals with CRM business technologies. She does this by drawing upon her experience working with small businesses and combines it with her deep knowledge of CRM, marketing, and business development.

As an entrepreneur herself, Myranda can relate to the pain that entrepreneurs experience in business, especially in regard to implementing new technology: “I want to help people by creating efficiencies to let them focus on what they really love to do.”

Emmzies goal is to gain a holistic understanding of their clients’ needs for marketing and business technology, creating a roadmap for success. Ensuring a smooth transition in the implementation of new technologies through training, change management, and consistent follow up are of upmost importance to our team of experts.


Our goal is to provide expert marketing services so that you can focus on your priorities and achieve success. We offer the following services to help you elevate your image and connect with customers:

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Myranda has done a great job helping me create a unified brand to promote my creative endeavors including acting, teaching, writing, and playing music. She has taken over the entire marketing aspect for me so that I can concentrate on my business. Some of the specific tasks she handles include coming up with a visual aesthetic as well as coordinating the development of my website. Everything I’ve seen from her so far is excellent.

Her process is very holistic and it entails asking a lot of questions, listening to your answers, then creating a roadmap to achieve your goals in a highly organized way. This is a really fun activity because she’s helping you attain the life that you want. She’s holds you accountable in a low pressure way and keeps you on task. She enthusiastically gives advice on how to strengthen your reserve and create a better life for yourself.

Another thing that’s great about Myranda is that she also wants to promote women and pass along some of her strengths which is really nice. She’s a lovely person and she wants the best for everyone. She wants you to do well and that means a lot to her – it’s obvious that she’s not just in it for herself. I highly recommend working with her.

-Jen Bennett

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